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The creator of Afrotagious, Sheros Thomas, created her signature brand in celebration of girls with curly kinky hair.  Thomas realized a need to create a better representation of Black women & children. ‘Afrotagious’ intends to sound both contagious and celebratory.  The word was created as Sheros illustrated characters representing the seven female babies born into her family, an influx when compared to previous generations. Maintaining the importance of African representation of mothers and their young daughters, was another catalyst that inspired the creation of the Afrotagious brand. Thomas began to prioritize teaching the girls the meaning and importance of self-love.  

Oftentimes, a child’s first ideas or images of self-love come from admiring their mother’s physical, mental and spiritual being. Children learn and often mimic certain behaviors of their parents, based on the interactions and experiences they witness. Imagine growing up as a Black girl encouraged to love and be prideful of your naturally kinky, or curly hair, mothered by a woman whose preference is to majorly wear their natural hair straightened, or hidden.  

Immediately you could start to juxtapose and wonder when my hair will be straight? Or when will I feel as pretty as my mother?  Thomas wanted mothers to proudly display their love for natural hair with apparel and accessories that portray the beautiful and diverse hair textures of African American women. Thomas also authored and illustrated a children’s book that teaches young girls the true beauty of their hair in its natural state. 

Since 2018, Afrotagious has used its platform to empower mothers of African descent by providing a means to speak their pride via its brand.  Sheros continues to be an example of self-love and acceptance for all girls of color. “I want all melanated mothers and girls to look at my products and see a positive image of themselves. I hope that they feel beautiful and empowered to rock their natural crown with confidence” says Thomas.